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Chicago, the windy city, is a paradise for golf enthusiasts. With its numerous golf courses, both public and private, it’s no wonder that golfers flock to this Midwestern metropolis. But the question remains, how many months can you golf in Chicago? The answer is simple – all year round! That’s right, from the first dawning of spring to the chilly winter days, Chicago’s golf courses are ready to be played. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, get ready to tee off in the Windy City!

Chicago’s Golfing Season: What to Expect

The Best Time for Golfing in Chicago

Golfing enthusiasts often wonder when the best time to play golf in Chicago is. To provide a comprehensive guide, we need to examine the factors that contribute to optimal golfing conditions in the Windy City.

Optimal weather conditions for golfing

The ideal golfing weather in Chicago is characterized by warm temperatures, low humidity, and minimal wind. These conditions usually occur during the spring and fall months when the weather is transitioning from cool to warm or vice versa.

How many months are suitable for golfing

Considering the weather conditions, the best time for golfing in Chicago spans across four months, from May to August. During these months, the average temperature ranges between 60°F to 80°F, providing ideal conditions for golfers to enjoy their game. Additionally, the courses are well-maintained during this time, ensuring that players have access to lush, green fairways and smooth, fast greens.

Popular Golf Courses in Chicago

Top Golf Courses in Chicago

Chicago is home to a plethora of golf courses, each offering a unique experience for golf enthusiasts. Here is a list of some of the most popular golf courses in the city:

  1. Medinah Country Club: Located in Medinah, Illinois, this club is known for hosting the BMW Championship, a prestigious PGA Tour event. It features three 18-hole courses designed by Tom Bendelow, and its historic clubhouse offers a luxurious atmosphere.
  2. Chicago Golf Club: Established in 1893, Chicago Golf Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country. Its unique “Chicago Trench” layout is characterized by deep bunkers and strategic green locations, making it a challenging yet enjoyable round for golfers of all skill levels.
  3. Cog Hill Golf & Country Club: With four 18-hole courses, Cog Hill is an excellent destination for golfers looking to play multiple rounds. The course’s most famous hole is the par-3 16th, which plays over a large lake to a small green guarded by a massive bunker.
  4. Oak Tree Golf Course: This public course in Lemont, Illinois, is known for its challenging layout and well-maintained greens. With two 18-hole courses designed by Ray Hearn, Oak Tree offers a variety of holes that wind through mature oak trees and scenic wetlands.
  5. The Club at Olde Inn: Located in the northwest suburbs, Olde Inn offers a challenging and scenic 18-hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. The course features numerous water hazards, including a 22-acre lake, and its rolling terrain provides a unique and enjoyable golfing experience.

Detailed Information on Availability and Accessibility

  • Availability: Tee times can be booked in advance, and it is recommended to reserve a spot at least a few weeks in advance during peak season. Weekends and holidays tend to be busier, so plan your visit accordingly.
  • Accessibility: Most of the popular golf courses in Chicago are located in the suburbs, so having a car is recommended for getting to and from the courses. Some courses may offer shuttle services or partner with local transportation companies for convenience.
  • Dress Code: Most golf courses in Chicago have a standard dress code policy, which typically requires collared shirts, slacks or shorts, and golf shoes or soft spikes. Be sure to check the course’s specific dress code policy before your visit.
  • Handicap Requirements: Some courses may require a minimum handicap index to play, while others may offer alternative tees or course configurations for players with lower skill levels. Be sure to check the course’s requirements before booking a tee time.

By exploring these popular golf courses in Chicago, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the best golfing the city has to offer. Each course offers a unique layout, challenging holes, and stunning scenery, making your golfing experience in the Windy City truly memorable.

Planning Your Golfing Trip to Chicago

Key takeaway: The best time for golfing in Chicago is from May to August when the weather is transitioning from cool to warm or vice versa. The optimal weather conditions for golfing in Chicago are warm temperatures, low humidity, and minimal wind. Chicago is home to a plethora of golf courses, each offering a unique experience for golf enthusiasts. It is important to plan ahead, research golf courses, book tee times in advance, and choose the right accommodation. It is also essential to adhere to golf course rules and etiquette, including dress code, repairing divots, and adhering to the pace of play. Lastly, to make the most of your golfing experience in Chicago, it is recommended to explore other activities in the city, such as visiting iconic landmarks, enjoying a stroll along the Magnificent Mile, and sampling some of the city’s famous deep-dish pizza.

How to Plan Your Golfing Trip

When planning your golfing trip to Chicago, there are several important factors to consider. By taking the time to research and plan, you can ensure that your trip is both enjoyable and stress-free. Here are some tips to help you plan your golfing trip to Chicago:

  • Research golf courses and book tee times

One of the first steps in planning your golfing trip to Chicago is to research the golf courses in the area. There are many excellent golf courses in and around Chicago, ranging from public courses to private clubs. Consider factors such as the course’s difficulty level, green fees, and availability when choosing which courses to play. It’s a good idea to book tee times in advance, especially during peak season, to ensure that you get the courses and times you want.

  • Choose the right accommodation

Another important factor to consider when planning your golfing trip to Chicago is where to stay. There are many hotels, resorts, and other accommodations in the area, so it’s important to choose one that meets your needs and budget. Consider factors such as location, amenities, and price when choosing your accommodation. Some golf courses may also have on-site accommodations, which can be a convenient option for golfers.

  • Transportation and logistics

Finally, you’ll need to consider transportation and logistics when planning your golfing trip to Chicago. Depending on where you’re staying and which courses you want to play, you may need to arrange transportation. Some golf courses may offer shuttle services or other transportation options, while others may require you to rent a car or use public transportation. It’s important to plan ahead and make arrangements for transportation to ensure that you can get to and from your courses easily and efficiently.

Overall, planning your golfing trip to Chicago requires careful consideration of several important factors. By researching golf courses, choosing the right accommodation, and arranging transportation and logistics, you can ensure that your trip is both enjoyable and stress-free.

Budgeting for Your Golfing Trip

  • Cost of golf courses and equipment rentals
  • Other expenses to consider
  • Tips for saving money

When planning your golfing trip to Chicago, it’s important to budget accordingly to ensure that you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Here are some key factors to consider when budgeting for your golfing trip:

Cost of Golf Courses and Equipment Rentals

The cost of golf courses and equipment rentals can vary greatly depending on the specific course and equipment you choose. It’s important to research and compare prices beforehand to find the best deals. Some courses may offer discounts for advanced bookings or for larger groups. Equipment rentals can also add up quickly, so it may be worth investing in your own equipment if you plan to golf frequently.

Other Expenses to Consider

In addition to the cost of golf courses and equipment rentals, there are other expenses to consider when budgeting for your golfing trip. These may include transportation costs, accommodation costs, and meal expenses. It’s important to factor in these additional expenses when creating your budget to ensure that you have enough funds to cover all aspects of your trip.

Tips for Saving Money

There are several tips that can help you save money when budgeting for your golfing trip to Chicago. Here are a few to consider:

  • Book in advance: Booking your tee times and accommodations in advance can often result in lower prices.
  • Consider off-peak times: Golfing during off-peak times, such as weekdays or early mornings, can often result in lower prices.
  • Rent equipment: Renting equipment instead of purchasing it can save you money, especially if you only plan to golf occasionally.
  • Eat locally: Eating at local restaurants and grocery stores can save you money compared to dining at resort restaurants or buying overpriced snacks on the course.

By following these tips and budgeting accordingly, you can ensure that your golfing trip to Chicago is both enjoyable and affordable.

Enjoying Your Golfing Trip to Chicago

Golfing Etiquette in Chicago

  • Dress code and other rules
  • Respecting other golfers and the course
  • Golf cart usage and pace of play

Dress Code and Other Rules

  • Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.
  • Avoid wearing denim, athletic shoes, and any casual attire.
  • Proper attire is required at all times.

Respecting Other Golfers and the Course

  • Keep pace with the group in front of you.
  • Repair divots, pitch marks, and ball marks on the green.
  • Keep carts on designated paths and avoid damaging the course.

Golf Cart Usage and Pace of Play

  • Use golf carts responsibly and safely.
  • Follow cart rules and regulations.
  • Keep pace with the group you are playing with.

Overall, it is important to remember that golf courses in Chicago have their own unique set of rules and etiquette that must be followed to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all golfers. By adhering to these guidelines, you can help maintain the beauty and integrity of the courses and ensure that everyone has a great time on the links.

After-Golf Activities in Chicago

  • Best spots for a post-golf meal or drink
    • Restaurants offering American fare with a twist
    • Elegant steakhouses for a classic Chicago dining experience
    • Craft breweries and pubs for a casual, laid-back atmosphere
  • Other attractions and activities to enjoy
    • Exploring the vibrant neighborhoods of Chicago, such as Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, and River North
    • Visiting iconic landmarks like the Willis Tower Skydeck, Navy Pier, and Millennium Park
    • Immersing yourself in the city’s rich arts and culture scene at venues like the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Theatre
  • How to make the most of your time in Chicago
    • Creating a customized itinerary based on your interests and preferences
    • Taking advantage of public transportation to efficiently navigate the city
    • Engaging with local events and festivals for a truly authentic Chicago experience

Extending Your Golfing Experience in Chicago

Planning a Return Trip

If you find yourself thoroughly enjoying your golfing trip to Chicago, it might be worth considering planning a return trip. This could allow you to experience more of what the city has to offer, and perhaps even try out some of the other courses that we will be discussing later in this article. By planning ahead and booking your accommodations in advance, you can ensure that you get the most out of your next trip to Chicago.

Other Golf Courses to Explore

As mentioned earlier, there are over 200 golf courses in the Chicago area, so there is certainly no shortage of options to choose from. If you find yourself wanting to explore more of what the city has to offer, you might consider checking out some of the other courses that we did not cover in this article. Some notable examples include Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, which has hosted the BMW Championship on several occasions, and the historic Medinah Country Club, which has hosted the Ryder Cup and the Solheim Cup.

Other Activities to Try in Chicago

While golfing is certainly a popular activity in Chicago, there are also plenty of other things to do and see in the city. From exploring the Museum Campus and visiting the Willis Tower to enjoying a stroll along the Magnificent Mile and sampling some of the city’s famous deep-dish pizza, there is no shortage of ways to pass the time in Chicago. So if you find yourself wanting to take a break from the golf course, be sure to check out some of these other activities to make the most of your trip.

Tips and Tricks for Golfing in Chicago

How to Deal with Windy Conditions

Golfing in Chicago can be a challenge due to the city’s notorious windy conditions. However, with the right strategies and equipment, golfers can still enjoy a great game. Here are some tips on how to deal with windy conditions when golfing in Chicago:

  • Strategies for playing in windy conditions
    • Adjust your ball flight by using a lower trajectory to combat the wind.
    • Use the wind to your advantage by playing to the sides of the fairway, where the wind is less strong.
    • Aim for the center of the green to avoid the wind affecting your shot.
    • Take extra club to account for the wind speed.
  • Best golf courses for handling wind
    • Chicago Golf Club – This course is known for its challenging wind conditions, making it a great place to practice your wind-golf skills.
    • Medinah Country Club – The course is located in a valley, which provides some protection from the wind, but it can still be quite windy.
    • Harborside International Golf Center – This course is located near the lake, which can cause windy conditions, but the layout of the course provides some protection from the wind.
  • Equipment recommendations
    • Use a lower lofted driver to reduce the effects of the wind on your shots.
    • Consider using a heavier ball to combat the wind.
    • Make sure your grip is firm to prevent your hands from moving during your swing.
    • Use a club with a longer shaft to help you keep your balance in the wind.

How to Prepare for Golfing in Chicago

  • What to wear and bring
  • Stretching and warming up
  • Properly caring for your golf equipment

What to Wear and Bring

Golfing in Chicago requires a certain level of preparation to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. One of the most important aspects of preparation is selecting the right attire and packing the necessary items.

What to Wear

It is crucial to dress appropriately for the weather conditions in Chicago. The city experiences four distinct seasons, each with its unique set of weather conditions. Here are some guidelines for dressing appropriately for golfing in Chicago:

  • In spring and fall, layering is recommended. These seasons can be unpredictable, with temperatures fluctuating throughout the day. Layering allows for easy adjustment to changing weather conditions.
  • Summer months require lightweight, breathable clothing to keep you cool. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics and breathable materials to stay comfortable on the course.
  • During winter, dress in warm layers. A combination of a base layer, mid-layer, and outer layer is recommended. This will help you stay warm and dry even in the coldest conditions.

What to Bring

Apart from appropriate attire, there are several other items that you should bring along when golfing in Chicago. Here is a list of essentials to pack:

  • Golf clubs and bag
  • Golf balls
  • Tees
  • Gloves
  • Hats or visors
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray (if playing in the summer)
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks or energy bars
  • Rain gear (just in case)

Stretching and Warming Up

Stretching and warming up before playing golf is crucial to prevent injuries and improve performance. Here are some tips for stretching and warming up before golfing in Chicago:

  • Start with light cardio exercises, such as jogging or cycling, to get your blood flowing and muscles warmed up.
  • Focus on stretching the muscles used during golf, including the back, shoulders, and legs. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds to improve flexibility.
  • Practice swinging your golf club in a controlled manner to loosen up your muscles and get a feel for the club.
  • Gradually increase the intensity of your movements to ensure your body is fully warmed up before starting your round.

Properly Caring for Your Golf Equipment

Taking good care of your golf equipment is essential to maintain its performance and longevity. Here are some tips for properly caring for your golf equipment:

  • Clean your golf clubs regularly to remove dirt and debris that can affect their performance. Use a soft cloth and mild soap to clean your clubs, and avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.
  • Store your golf clubs in a dry, secure location to prevent damage and ensure they remain in good condition. Consider investing in a golf club bag or case to protect your clubs during transportation.
  • Maintain your golf balls by checking for damage before each use. Replace any damaged balls to ensure optimal performance.
  • Regularly inspect your golf bag to ensure it is in good condition and all zippers and straps are functioning properly.

By following these tips, you can prepare thoroughly for golfing in Chicago and ensure a great experience on the course.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Golfing in Chicago

Golfing in Chicago can be a challenging experience, especially for those who are not familiar with the city’s climate and course conditions. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable round of golf, it is important to avoid certain common mistakes.

  • Overconfidence and underestimating the course

One of the most common mistakes that golfers make in Chicago is being overconfident and underestimating the difficulty of the course. Many courses in Chicago are designed to challenge even the most experienced golfers, with narrow fairways, strategically placed hazards, and tricky greens. It is important to take the time to study the course map and layout before teeing off, and to be mindful of the course’s unique features throughout the round.

  • Neglecting to check the weather forecast

Chicago’s weather can be unpredictable, with sudden changes in temperature, wind direction, and precipitation. Golfers should always check the weather forecast before heading out to the course, and be prepared for sudden changes in weather conditions. This includes bringing appropriate clothing and equipment, such as rain gear, gloves, and extra balls.

  • Forgetting to hydrate and bring snacks

Dehydration is a common problem for golfers, especially in the hot and humid summer months. It is important to bring plenty of water and sports drinks to stay hydrated throughout the round. Golfers should also bring snacks, such as energy bars or fruit, to keep their energy levels up. Taking these precautions can help prevent fatigue and keep golfers focused and energized throughout the round.

How to Make the Most of Your Golfing Experience in Chicago

  • Embrace the Challenges: One of the most significant aspects of golfing in Chicago is the city’s diverse golf courses, each presenting its unique set of challenges. Set specific goals for yourself, whether it’s to improve your short game or tackle a notorious hole. By setting goals, you’ll be more focused and motivated to push yourself, ultimately enhancing your overall experience.
  • Take a Moment to Appreciate the Scenery: Chicago’s golf courses are often nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, such as the historic Jackson Park Golf Course or the serene Cog Hill Golf & Country Club. Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings by taking breaks between holes to appreciate the scenery. It’s a great opportunity to unwind, capture some memorable photos, and recharge your batteries for the next round.
  • Connect with Fellow Golfers: Golfing is a social activity, and connecting with other players is an essential part of the experience. Seize the opportunity to strike up conversations, exchange tips, and even make lasting friendships. Many golf courses in Chicago host events and tournaments, providing ample opportunities to mingle with fellow enthusiasts and expand your network. Building relationships with like-minded individuals can make your golfing journey in Chicago all the more enjoyable and enriching.

Essential Items to Pack for Golfing in Chicago

Golf Clubs and Equipment

  • Golf clubs (driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putter)
  • Golf bag
  • Glove
  • Towel

Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

  • Comfortable and breathable clothing (t-shirts, shorts, or pants)
  • Appropriate footwear (golf shoes with spikes or soft spikes)
  • Socks (for cushioning and support)
  • Hat or visor (for sun protection)


  • Sunglasses (polarized for better visibility)
  • Sunscreen (with high SPF for sun protection)
  • Insect repellent (to keep bugs at bay)
  • Snacks and water (to keep energy levels up)
  • Cell phone (for communication and photography)

By packing these essential items, golfers can ensure they are well-prepared for a day on the golf course in Chicago, regardless of the weather conditions. Remember, proper preparation is key to enjoying a great golfing experience.

Best Golfing Resources for Chicago

If you’re looking to improve your golfing skills or simply want to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Chicago golfing scene, there are plenty of resources available to help you. Here are some of the best golfing resources for Chicago:

Recommended Golfing Websites and Apps

  • Golf Digest: Golf Digest is one of the most popular golfing magazines in the world, and its website is packed with helpful tips, equipment reviews, and course rankings.
  • GolfNow: GolfNow is a comprehensive online platform that allows you to book tee times at over 4,000 courses across the United States, including many in the Chicago area.
  • The Golf Channel: The Golf Channel website offers a wealth of information on everything from instructional videos to tournament coverage.

Local Golfing Blogs and Forums

  • ChiTown Golf: ChiTown Golf is a popular blog that covers all things golf in the Chicago area, including course reviews, equipment reviews, and local events.
  • Chicago Golf Guy: Chicago Golf Guy is another great resource for Chicago-area golfers, with reviews of local courses, tips for improving your game, and news on upcoming events.
  • Chicago Golf Clubs: Chicago Golf Clubs is a forum where golfers can discuss everything from course conditions to equipment recommendations.

Golfing Events and Tournaments in Chicago

  • Chicago Golf Show: The Chicago Golf Show is an annual event that features exhibits from top golf manufacturers, as well as demonstrations and clinics from PGA professionals.
  • Chicago Golf Championship: The Chicago Golf Championship is a professional tournament that takes place each summer at Cog Hill Golf & Country Club in nearby Lemont, Illinois.
  • Chicago Amateur Open: The Chicago Amateur Open is an annual tournament that attracts golfers from all over the Midwest, with proceeds benefiting local charities.

By utilizing these resources, you can stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Chicago golfing scene and improve your skills on the course.


1. What is the golfing season in Chicago?

The golfing season in Chicago typically starts in late March or early April and runs through October. However, the exact timing can vary due to weather conditions, which can be unpredictable in the Midwest.

2. How many golf courses are there in Chicago?

Chicago has over 70 golf courses, including public, private, and municipal courses. This provides a wide range of options for golfers with different skill levels and preferences.

3. Is it possible to golf in Chicago during the winter?

While it is possible to golf in Chicago during the winter, it can be quite challenging due to the cold weather and limited daylight hours. Some courses may remain open, but it’s essential to check ahead and prepare for harsh conditions.

4. What is the best time of year to golf in Chicago?

The best time to golf in Chicago is generally from May to September when the weather is mild, and the days are longer. This period offers the most favorable conditions for enjoying a round of golf in the Windy City.

5. What kind of equipment do I need to golf in Chicago?

To golf in Chicago, you will need a set of golf clubs, golf balls, and appropriate golf attire. It’s also recommended to bring a bag or cart to carry your equipment, as well as sunscreen, insect repellent, and water to stay hydrated.

6. Are there any notable golf tournaments held in Chicago?

Yes, Chicago hosts several notable golf tournaments throughout the year, including the BMW Championship, which is part of the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup Playoffs. Other events include the Chicago Golf Show and the Illinois Open Championship.

7. What are some recommended golf courses to play in Chicago?

Some highly recommended golf courses in Chicago include Medinah Country Club, Cog Hill Golf & Country Club, and Butler National Golf Club. Each course offers a unique experience and challenge for golfers of all skill levels.

8. What is the typical cost of playing golf in Chicago?

The cost of playing golf in Chicago can vary depending on the course and time of day. Some public courses may charge around $40-$60 per round, while private courses can range from $100-$200 or more. It’s essential to check with each course for accurate pricing information.

9. What are the tee time policies in Chicago?

Tee time policies in Chicago can vary by course, but most offer online booking systems. It’s essential to reserve a tee time in advance, especially during peak seasons, to ensure availability. Some courses may also offer flexible tee times for walk-up play, but it’s best to call ahead to confirm.

10. What are the most challenging aspects of golfing in Chicago?

The most challenging aspects of golfing in Chicago can include windy conditions, uneven terrain, and hidden hazards. Some courses also feature dense rough and strategically placed bunkers, making it essential to plan each shot carefully. Additionally, navigating through city traffic to reach the course can be challenging, so it’s best to allow enough time for travel.

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