Does the PGA Own Any Courses? A Comprehensive Look at Golf Course Ownership and the PGA’s Role

What is the PGA and How is it Involved in Golf Course Ownership?

The PGA’s Role in Golf Course Design and Development

Partnerships and Joint Ventures in Golf Course Ownership

The PGA’s Influence on Golf Course Maintenance and Operations

PGA-Owned Golf Courses: A Closer Look

Key takeaway: The PGA plays a significant role in golf course ownership, design, development, maintenance, and operations. They have owned or been involved in some of the most renowned golf courses such as TPC Sawgrass, Riviera Country Club, The Country Club at Mirasol, Augusta National Golf Club, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, and Pinehurst Resort. The PGA’s involvement in these courses contributes to their popularity and revenue, as well as their influence on golf course design and architecture. The PGA’s commitment to the game of golf and its fans has a significant impact on the sport and its future.

TPC Sawgrass: Home of The Players Championship

Riviera Country Club: A PGA-Owned Gem in Pacific Palisades

The Country Club at Mirasol: A Luxury Golf Community with PGA Involvement

Other Golf Courses with Strong PGA Ties

Augusta National Golf Club: Home of The Masters Tournament

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club: A Historic US Open Host Site

Pinehurst Resort: A PGA of America Destination

Factors Contributing to PGA-Owned Courses and Strong Ties to Other Courses

Economics and Financing of Golf Course Ownership

The Importance of PGA Tournaments and Events for Course Popularity and Revenue

Golf Course Design and Architecture: The PGA’s Influence on the Sport

The PGA’s Commitment to the Game of Golf

The Impact of PGA-Owned Courses on the Sport and Its Fans

The Future of Golf Course Ownership and the PGA’s Continued Involvement


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