Unpacking the Legacy of Alister Mackenzie: How Many Golf Courses Did He Design?

The Life and Times of Alister Mackenzie

Early Years and Education

Professional Golf Course Designer

Alister Mackenzie’s Golf Course Design Philosophy

Key takeaway: Alister Mackenzie, a renowned golf course designer, had a profound impact on the sport and its design principles. His approach emphasized embracing the natural landscape, creating strategic play and course difficulty, and incorporating signature features and elements. With a diverse portfolio of designs spanning across continents, Mackenzie’s legacy continues to influence modern golf course design.

Embracing the Natural Landscape

Strategic Play and Course Difficulty

Signature Features and Elements

The Extensive List of Alister Mackenzie-Designed Golf Courses

USA Golf Courses

UK and European Golf Courses

Asia and Other Golf Courses

Assessing Alister Mackenzie’s Legacy on Golf Course Design

Enduring Design Principles

Golf Course Design Evolution

The Enigma of Alister Mackenzie’s Golf Course Design Count


Course Design: Alister MacKenzie

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